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Topshop - Virtual Fitting Room

Using augmented reality and mirrors this innovative idea allows retail customers to try on virtual clothes. The virtual fitting room uses Microsoft Kinect technology to let shoppers try on clothes without having to put anything on or step into an actual fitting room, even giving you a front and back view. A mirror out on the shop’s floor has a built-in camera that can recognize a person’s body and then superimpose a 3D model of whatever you want to try on.

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Agency: OMD, Moscow


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CSKA Moscow Basketball School

CSKA Moscow is one of the best basketball clubs in Europe. Their idea was very simple: Stick up Announcements of the trails for the basketball team in the streets, near to the city’s public sports areas. But… they stuck them so high that only the tall, those that could jump or those with initiative could reach the announcement and rip of the unique code which they could get into the trials. 1,560 announcements were printed, in other words 18720 unique codes. 579 kids turned up to trials at the basketball school, 37% more than came the previous year.

Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia.

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